Brigada do Mar removes six tons of garbage from the beaches of the Tagus River

Brigada do Mar is an association formed by a group of volunteers that since 2009 has been developing actions to protect biodiversity and environmental intervention, with special focus on the decontamination and cleaning of beaches on the Portuguese coastline and has already contributed to the removal of more than 600 tons of marine waste.

During December 6,7, 8 and 150, Brigada do Mar removed six tons (estimated) of waste from the river beach sands in the municipalities of Alcochete, Montijo, Moita, Barreiro, Seixal and Almada. The action was attended by XNUMX volunteers.

In addition to urban waste, plastic, rubble, household appliances, fishing gear and car tyres, more than 100 dead seagulls have unfortunately been found. Brigada do Mar has reported this to the local authorities.

These actions deserve our full recognition and appreciation, given the importance and urgency of action to protect the environment and ecosystems.

To learn more about Brigada do Mar and their programs, check their website and facebook page: 

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