Beatabag Beatas Cigarette Ashtray Portable Pocket Eco


Like many smokers, I also threw the butts to the floor when I had just finished a cigarette. I thought the butts were made of some kind of cotton. Until the day I found out that the beatas are made of a PLASTIC called cellulose acetate and it takes several years to degrade in Nature.

On the next day I was smoking a cigarette outside and when I finished I didn't want to throw the cigarette butt on the ground. I looked for a trash bin to put it in, but I couldn't find one around. So I decided to keep the cigarette butt in my pocket. This situation was repeated in the following days, the problem was that my clothes started to smell like ashtrays.


I started to think of a solution to this problem, and came to the conclusion that I would have to create a "pocket ashtray" to store the butts wherever I was. This is where the idea for Beatabag came up!

After several attempts, we were able to create the ideal pocket ashtray. The Beatabag completely isolates smells and ashes, fits in your pocket and is made of high quality aluminum to withstand the heat of the beatas and "last a lifetime".

Beatabag Beatas Cigarette Ashtray Portable Pocket Eco
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What drives us is the vision of a planet free of cigarette butts. In our world there are many problems that still have no solution in sight, but fortunately this one does.

We are committed to keep on producing resistant, practical and odourless pocket ashtrays, innovating to have an offer that satisfies all our customers. Together, we can contribute to a cleaner Planet!

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